Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ahhhh, the winter...

Ok, so normally I HATE the winter...Dressing the kids to go outside, even for just a small errand...the socks and shoes, barefeet is so much easier!...colds and flu...the cloudy, dreary days that are so short it's dark by dinnertime.... I think some years my favorite part of winter is when it ends and it's spring!

BUT, this year I feel different. I don't know if it's because at church the messages have been on developing a habit of gratitude (which I must say has really decreased the amount of complaining that I do because I am really seeing that every gift is from God, whether it is imperfect or not), or if it's because I know that I have to go through the winter to finally get to the place where I can finally meet and hold this baby, or if it's just because the summer was so hard that it's time to move on. Whatever the reason, this year I am looking at the winter in a new way. I can't wait for Thanksgiving (although that might be because food is now my friend and we will have 2 very yummy dinners!) and Christmas is just so exciting to me! The Christmas shopping, the Chirstmas music, baking cookies with the kids...can't wait! I know we all look forward to the holidays, but I am also looking forward to snuggling under blankets with the kids and hubby, hot chocolate, using our new fireplace, snow storms and yes, even snow days!

This weekend it got really cold, which was hard after having an Indian Summer last week with temperatures in the upper 70's! But Friday night we had a small fire in our firepit, roasted marshmellows with some great new neighbors while having fun convedrsation, and then ended the night snuggled under our comforter as we drifted off to sleep! Ahhh.....Then today barely broke 40 degrees so we had our first fire in our new fireplace while Brian watched football and the kids played together. It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I really can't wait for more of these cold days!

I am so thankful we live in an area that has different seasons. Without the changes, I think I would get bored with the best. So as much as I love the summer and already long for the spring, I will enjoy the winter. Or at least, I will try!

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