Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our baby has a name!

ok, well, maybe not officially, but Brian and I are really having a hard time thinking of names...after all, we have used our favorite 6 names...and this baby name just might stick, even after birth!!! So about a month ago, Sam and I were having a discussion of sorts. He had been watching a video he got from the library, I think it was a Sunny Patch friends video, and Sam informed me that "big bugs don't cry", and I think he was telling me that he is a big bug. We had also been talking about the baby and so I told him that "sometimes, big bugs can cry. But little bugs cry a lot." And then I asked him if he thinks our little bitty baby would cry much. He said yes, but then the light came on and he said, "Hey mom! Our baby is Bitty Bug!!!" I laughed and so did he! The name has stuck and now the whole family calls him/her Bitty Bug! I just love it! :)

For an update, Bitty Bug is growing well and doing great! Many of you know that Bitty Bug has a couple hurdles to overcome, even before birth. My thyroid has been over active throughout this pregnancy, and then after the 20 week ultra sound we found out that the umbilical cord has only 2 vessles instead of the typical 3. The biggest concern is that it can cause low birth weight and can cause the baby to stop growing inutero, among other things. So, they will watch the growth of the baby closely. I will have an ultrasound every 3 weeks until 32 weeks, and then twice a week from 32 weeks until birth. Good news is that right now baby is doing great and growth is right on track! We are praising God for knitting this baby together in His perfect plan! Thanks to the many of you out there that are praying for our you can pray for him/her by name! :) THANK YOU! If I can figure out how to scan in the ultrasound picture, I will try to post it soon!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Another sneak peek...

This girl is such a beauty! She is taking modeling classes, I think she will go far, what do you think? She was so personable and sweet, and quite the trooper for being outside on such a COLD day! Here's just a few of the images for mom and dad....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Mommy, on accident, I..."

These are words you really don't want to hear from your 3 year old while he is working on an art project at the kitchen table! Here is the complete sentence I heard from him yesterday afternoon..."Mommy, on accident I got a little bit of glue on my hands. Can you help me?" He did sound a little distressed, so I went into the kitchen to see what was going on. After the initial shock, I composed myself and, of course, got the camera! Here is what I walked in on: