Sunday, January 11, 2009

A shopping spree with lots of savings!

So, for Christmas, I gave Allie and Emily each a gift card for Justice and told them we would go on a date....get some lunch, go shopping, and we even ended it with some Cold Stone Creamery (which was great that I got it twice!). I was able to get the gift cards at a 40% discount (thanks Melissa!!!!) and then when we were there, we had a bit of luck, a shopper offered me 2 coupons (she didn't even know I needed 2) for another $15 off your total order. I told the girls they could only buy stuff that had an orange tag...clearance. I absolutely love the clothing at Justice, but even more I HATE to pay the price of their clothing. I think it is outrageous to charge those kinds of prices for children's clothing! Ok, I will get off my soap-box now....on to the fashion show and the savings! The girls had a great time shopping for them and here are the results. I will tell you what I saved at the end.

Cute clothes, huh??? Here's the totals:
Allie got 3 full outfits and a necklace.
Full price before clearance would have been $165.
I paid a total of (including the price of the card) $40!!!

Emily got two full outfits, a pair of pants with 3 shirts to match.
Full price before clearance would have been $185 (yikes!).
I paid a grand total of (again, with card) $45 (woo-hoo!!!).

I just love being able to get a special treat and saving so much money while at it!!!


Tiffany said...

LOVE these fun! That is awesome that you got great stuff for so cheap. The girls look adorable in their new fashions! : )

Living on the E.D.G.E said...

Woo Hoo, so glad that everything worked out. Extra coupons too...Awesome. Your girls are so cute. Such personality:)

Jennifer said...

How in the world did you get 40% off? My niece loves that store and Abby is starting to get into it too. Oh NO!