Sunday, March 29, 2009


SO, I have been following a blog of a perfect stranger, and they need some prayers! The family seems absolutely wonderful, the writer is MckMamma and she has 4 kids. Her youngest, Stellan, is 5 months old today and is very sick with heart issues. They were told during pregnancy that Stellan would die, even before birth, but he was born full term and completely healthy!!! But, now his heart is sick again, and he is not doing well. You can check out the blog, the history, and updates at I just feel so sad for this family and so compelled to pray for them and compelled to ask you to pray for them as well. Their family is trusting in our Soveriegn Lord through all of this but as you can imagine, it is a very hard situation.

Thank you for praying for them!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Daddy and his big girls

I will have some more pictures to post soon, but I just love this one of Brian with Allie and Emily! I just had to post it now! The cool thing is that it doesn't show the girls talking back, or being disrespectful or angry. It doesn't show how frustrated Brian gets with them or his (our) lack of understanding of 9 and 6 year old girls. It just shows the love that sometimes in the midst of life, we forget. Life with a 9, 6, 4 year olds and a newborn is quite hectic and sometimes frustrating. I find myself getting frustrated with the girls and Sam simply because I am sleep deprived, not because they are doing anything different than just being kids. I am hopeful that, just like the pains of labor and child birth, the hard times of "now" will fade and when we look back on these years we will know that yes, these times were hard, but we will remember with fondness.....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our new family of 6

Our growing family....

And the proud siblings....(what goof-balls!)

And, of course, I can't post without some of just Leah!

We are still amazed at God's goodness to us as evidenced through our little girl! He is so faithful and we are so grateful! The kids are all adjusting well. Sam said to me the other day while I was feeding Leah, "Mom, I don't like Leah. I LOOOOVE Leah!" It was so sweet! And the girls are all over her! This weekend Emily was diagnosised with influenza and pneumonia (we are still praying hard that Leah doesn't get it!!!) and so we kept all kids away from Leah. It was like trying to keep bees away from honey! We are all so in love with this little girl, only 2 weeks old today! I just want to savor and remember every moment of her littleness! I know she will grow so fast and before I know it, she will be walking and talking! Why is it that the last 2 weeks of her pregnancy felt like it lasted about a month and yet the first 2 weeks of her life have felt like only a few days???

I love the smell of her hair after a bath. I love how soft her skin is and I just love to kiss it, especially right next to her eyes and on her cheeks! I LOVE how she curls up into a tiny little ball as I burp her on my shoulder. I love her little squeeks and even her squeeky cry (although I could do without that at 3 in the morning!). I love how alert she gets when she is awake, and how she just has the look of contentment (which, by the way, Leah means contentment). I love it that she recognizes my voice and turns to see me when I talk to her. I love her long fingers and her long feet. I love it that she is the perfect completion to our family! She is so great!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

There's no place like home!

Well, after the long, agonizing decision to not induce labor on Monday and wait for it to start water broke!!! I woke at 1:45 on Monday morning to this discovery and we rushed to the hospital thinking that the birth would be quick. A very LONG 12 1/2 hours later our baby girl, Leah Joy came into our world, weighing 7 pounds even. It was a hard labor with pitocin and no epidural but everyone is healthy and happy! The best part is that no one can see any evidence of problems to Leah due to the 2 vessel cord! The nurses said they were pleased to see how hungry Leah is and even described her as "insistent". We are actually under negotiations with the hospital, as we already have reached our limit of insistent little girls! :) Here are a few pictures of us at the hospital...I am so thankful my sister, Kelly, was there to take some great pics of us!

Our new family...

Leah Joy DeVilbiss

My body aches, my hormones are raging, I am so tired I can't see straigth, and my private parts hurt more than they should. However, my heart is over flowing with joy as I am amazed at God's goodness to us! I can't help but look at little Leah and just marvel at her perfection. Her ears are perfect and petite, her eyes full of life, her little button nose is perfect just above her sweet little mouth. I can't wait to watch as she grows into who God has made her to become. It is a fact that the fourth baby is no less miraculous than the first!

And a few at home....

We can't wait for everyone to meet little Leah!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The wait continues....

Well, I must be crazy, but we cancelled our appointment to be induced tomorrow. I have waited for this day for so long and now we will continue to wait. The doc says that the baby is doing fine (per all the tests) and so there is no reason that we need to induce right now. I struggled with this decision for so long and so hard, but ultimately, we decided to let this baby come in God's timing, not ours. So, the wait continues and we are praying that God will have mercy on this poor body of mine and that He will begin labor naturally and quickly!!! I will have another ultrasound tomorrow in place of pitocin and will visit the doctor...again!

As anxious as we are, we are so thankful to have made it full term and to have a healthy enough baby to not have to induce! We are praying for a smooth delivery with no complications and for this baby to be in my arms very soon!