Friday, March 27, 2009

Daddy and his big girls

I will have some more pictures to post soon, but I just love this one of Brian with Allie and Emily! I just had to post it now! The cool thing is that it doesn't show the girls talking back, or being disrespectful or angry. It doesn't show how frustrated Brian gets with them or his (our) lack of understanding of 9 and 6 year old girls. It just shows the love that sometimes in the midst of life, we forget. Life with a 9, 6, 4 year olds and a newborn is quite hectic and sometimes frustrating. I find myself getting frustrated with the girls and Sam simply because I am sleep deprived, not because they are doing anything different than just being kids. I am hopeful that, just like the pains of labor and child birth, the hard times of "now" will fade and when we look back on these years we will know that yes, these times were hard, but we will remember with fondness.....

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