Thursday, April 2, 2009 month old

It is so hard to believe that Leah is already one month old! I wished for her to be born for so long, waited for her for what seemed like an eternity. Now, she is here and time is going so fast! I can't imagine our life, our family without her a part of it. I am amazed at the little things I have learned about her in such a short amount of time.

She is a very content baby.
She loves her bouncy seat...especially when it vibrates! But she goes right to sleep in it!
She loves her pacifier, but she will only start sucking on it if I rub her cheek softly, then she will latch on.
She has the softest skin...I love to rub my cheek against hers.
She has long feet and long fingers.
Her thumb must be double-jointed or something! It bends back freakishly far!
She has the staightest pinky of any of our kids!!!
She LOVES to be snuggled, especially with a blanket wrapped around her. I love this about her!!
When she sleeps, she loves to have a blanket touching her cheek, almost covering her face.
She still loves to be curled up in a ball.
She has such fuzzy hair. It's also the lightest of any of the kids.
She has two cowlicks on the top back of her head!
Her umbilical cord fell off when she was only 5 days old. But it still has a scab.
She has a red birth mark on each eye lid.
She has a very small birth mark behind her left ear.
She prefers to look to her right side.
She loves it when Allie, Emily and Sam talk to her.
She loves to have her hands up by her face.
She does NOT like to be in her carseat.

And she reminds me that she is still little, because she still loves to be swaddled. I will miss this!

It feels strange to me to feel sad that she is growing so fast and is already one month old. I want so badly to keep her small, to freeze this moment in time and to savor every moment. Then I think about her first big smile, and the milestones like her sitting on her own, crawling and learning to walk. I wonder what color her eyes will be. Will they stay blue or turn beautiful brown like Allie's? Will she have blond hair, or will it be brown like the other kids? What will her giggle sound like and will it melt my heart as it did with the other three? Will my heart break when she scraps her knees or when she has to get shots at the doctor's or when she is sick with her first fever? I can't wait to watch her grow! So, as much as I want this time to be frozen, I will just savor each special moment with her and enjoy watching her grow.

And today....she SMILED at me!

Look at how straight that pinky is!

She loves to sleep like this...all wrapped up!

This is a bear she got at birth, we will do her monthly picture next to it.

Little Leah Joy is so loved!

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Warner family said...

cute pictures! I can tell you really don't like taking very many of her. I'm glad you've managed to get a few ;) Avery wore the red polka dot outfit today. I LOVE all of Carters baby girl stuff right now. I had a hard time controlling myself in there the other day with a good coupon!
p.s. website is finally live! (spent several hours the last week getting server stuff switched). Haven't made that public quite yet. doing few things on blog first :)