Monday, March 16, 2009

Our new family of 6

Our growing family....

And the proud siblings....(what goof-balls!)

And, of course, I can't post without some of just Leah!

We are still amazed at God's goodness to us as evidenced through our little girl! He is so faithful and we are so grateful! The kids are all adjusting well. Sam said to me the other day while I was feeding Leah, "Mom, I don't like Leah. I LOOOOVE Leah!" It was so sweet! And the girls are all over her! This weekend Emily was diagnosised with influenza and pneumonia (we are still praying hard that Leah doesn't get it!!!) and so we kept all kids away from Leah. It was like trying to keep bees away from honey! We are all so in love with this little girl, only 2 weeks old today! I just want to savor and remember every moment of her littleness! I know she will grow so fast and before I know it, she will be walking and talking! Why is it that the last 2 weeks of her pregnancy felt like it lasted about a month and yet the first 2 weeks of her life have felt like only a few days???

I love the smell of her hair after a bath. I love how soft her skin is and I just love to kiss it, especially right next to her eyes and on her cheeks! I LOVE how she curls up into a tiny little ball as I burp her on my shoulder. I love her little squeeks and even her squeeky cry (although I could do without that at 3 in the morning!). I love how alert she gets when she is awake, and how she just has the look of contentment (which, by the way, Leah means contentment). I love it that she recognizes my voice and turns to see me when I talk to her. I love her long fingers and her long feet. I love it that she is the perfect completion to our family! She is so great!


ellenjane said...

Ahh! I was so confused then on FB, I thought Leah had influenza not Emily! Maybe that's why Brian looked so confused when I asked how the baby was doing at White Box yesterday :)


Tiffany said...

Oh, Kim...these pictures are gorgeous! Perfect family picture and all the sibling ones are precious. And of course, the ones of Leah couldn't be sweeter...especially the very last one! Oh, my goodness...what a beautiful and blessed family you have! : )