Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A bad day with a bit of good

So, I am really not having a very good day. My broken foot still hurts and it is hard for me to hobble around. I have a tiny little circle of life set up around my couch so I don't have to carry Leah around (I already fell once with her, don't really want to do it again!) and if you know me, you know I am going stir CRAZY not being able to do anything. I can't leave the house unless someone else takes me because of course, my broken foot is my right foot! I have had to rely on someone else to do just about everything for me, which is really humbling and very aggravating!

So imagine my frustration when the school nurse called telling me that I had to come get Emily because she has a fever! Yeah, is that going to happen? (At least Emily understood, apparently she was crying to the nurse saying that Mommy can't come get her because she has a broken foot!) Fortunately, I have a wonderful neighbor who was willing to drop everything to go get her from school. Unfortunately, Emily threw up in her car and got it all over the backseat! I felt so bad! Once Emily got home, she went straight to the couch, where she has since thrown up a couple more times (with blood even!) and is now sleeping. I called the doctor's office because she keeps saying that her head hurts (a lot!!!) and they want to see her. But, guess what, I still can't drive! So we had to make the appointment as late as possible, so Brian can get home from work to take her.

My foot hurts because I am taking care of Emily, and Sam and Leah have both had a pretty high-maintnance day.

So, what has been the good "bit" today? Well, I was getting ready to feed Leah and she was giving me these huge grins! They were beautiful, gummy smiles! Here was a small conversation that was had:

Mommy: "Leah, thank you for these smiles! Do you know something I don't?" (I wasn't feeling like there wasn't much to smile at at the time!)

Leah: no words, but more smiles and coos...

Sam: "She is smiling because she loves you so much, Mama!"

Oh, how I needed to hear that! My sweet little Sam brought me out of my little pity party and reminded me how strong the bond of love is!

So, yes, today is a bad day. But there is still evidenced by my sweet little 8 week old and pointed out to me by my sweet little 4 year old!


Lexi O'Connor said...

sorry to hear you're having a bad day:( But how sweet that Leah and Sam could bring some joy to it!

Living on the E.D.G.E said...

Oh KIM!! What a mess of a day. I am so sorry. Praise the Lord for little babies though. Their smiles do wonders for your heart...don't they? Some days I feel like the Lord gave me a smily baby just to remind me to smile.
I will be praying for you!! When do you get your foot back? I think they already have meals all set up for there anything else I can do to help?

Tiffany said...

Oh, wow, Kim, I am so sorry. What a day! I can't even imagine. I love this post though. There is always a "bright side" but sometimes it is just super hard to find. Oh, kids are just are one blessed momma! : )