Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sibling love

For years I have been disappointed with the sibling rivalry in my home between my two oldest girls. They sometimes fight like crazy! Which makes me crazy! I want so badly for them to get along and have prayed for them to not only be "sisters", but to be the best of buddies as well. But, on the flip side, they sometimes get along great! They love each other and play so well sometimes. And, if anyone ever tries to pick on one of them, the other will quickly stand up and protect their sister. Sam gets along with them pretty well, and the girls get along with him pretty well.

Well, over the last 3 months, I have been delighted to watch the 3 big kids interact with Leah! They just love her so much! It's a good thing her middle name is Joy, because she is such a joy to us! Sam even told me once that Leah is going to think that her name is Adorable because we call her "adorable" all the time. She responds so well to them and lights up with smiles when they enter a room! It has been so much fun to watch them interact with her. I am one lucky Mama!

So, even though they make me crazy at times, there are other times that I get a glimpse of the love that I know they have for each other! See.....

I love all my babies!


ellenjane said...

Hiya Kim!

When my sister and I were young we fought like crazy, knock down drag out kicking and screaming fights. But we're all grown up and the best of friends now. I have a friend who got along great with her sister as a child and is now almost completely estranged from her. It's surprising how little people turn out when they're all grown up!
Loving the pics of your kiddos though, you sure have some beautiful babies!


Invited In said...

I love seeing big kids playing and being sweet with babies.
We are dealing with the same things in our house that you are in yours. One day at a time, lots of prayer, and character development. Being a Mama is hard work!!