Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's missing?

Well, we are nearing the arrival of our new little one and I just can't wait!!! The crib is ready, the carseat is clean, clothes and towels and burp clothes are washed and we are pretty much "ready"! I will be induced on March 2nd if little Bitty Bug doesn't come before that. However, as much as I want to get this baby here and in my arms, I am trying to savor these last moments of life without a newborn. Trying to play more with my kids, trying to get some things cleaned up and organzied (although that might be me just nesting), and even trying to sleep! I have done a few photo shoots, have lots of editing and ordering and delivering to do (of photos, not a baby!), and am just keeping pretty busy. But my heart is about to burst with anticipation of this baby and I really just can't wait!!! It will be so soon and our lives will be forever changed/blessed forever!

And one of my belly....