Friday, May 22, 2009

A fun time at Ault Park!

Last Friday I met a wonderful family for some photography at Ault Park, and what a fun time we had! This was one of those sessions where I looked through the 138 pictures from our session and I couldn't decide which ones to save! They all brought a smile to my face! I mean, come on...look at this beautiful family!

It was one of those sessions where we did lots of playing! I felt much more like a "fly on the wall" than a photographer!

It was one of those sessions where we didn't let the rain drops make us pack up and head home (fortunately, it didn't rain that hard!). Instead we just played in the rain!

And it was one of those sessions where I just fell in love with this sweet little one year old...and his eyes!...instantly!

Thanks, Lyons Family, for letting me capture your beautiful family! I can't wait to show you the rest of the images!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A peek at a newborn

This little guy is so sweet! I remember 2 years ago photographing his big brother and I certainly see some similarities! These boys will be so much fun when they are running and playing together! What fun! Thanks, John and Christine, for letting me come in your home to play and to capture this special time in your lives!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I spy with my little eye...

...something yellow! Sam has this funny thing he's been doing when we are out on the road and it spread to all of us! He, for some reason, has noticed all the yellow cars on the road. And there are a lot!!! When we go anywhere, he spots a yellow car and informs anyone within earshhot of his sightings! You would think that yellow would not be a very popular color for a car, but you would be surprised! Seriously, you should try it. I often find myself saying "yellow car...", even when I am out by myself! Even Allie and Emily have caught on and now they point out all the yellow cars is too funny! I think we might even make it into a game to see how many yellow cars we see on our way to Tenessee this summer! It should help to pass the time. :) Good luck and have fun noticing all the yellow cars out there!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Two months old!

It is so hard to believe my little Bitty Bug is 2 months old already! Time is flying by and although I want it to slow down, I am loving every minute of this crazy ride! Here are a few facts about little Leah:

*She started at a whopping 7 lbs, 0 oz and she is already 11 lbs, 11 oz! She is in the 75 percentile for height, weight and head circum. However, if they could measure her cheeks, I am sure she would be off the charts!!!
*She can roll from her tummy to her back! Wow! It sure makes "tummy time" that much harder.
*She is sooo smiley and talkative! She has the sweetest little coos. I have even gotten a few giggles out of her! She is such a happy little baby.
*The reason for her happiness might be because she sleeps for 9 hours each night! I am loving this!!!
*In the morning, she wakes up so happy. I love to lean over her crib and talk to her. She responds with so many smiles,coos and squeals. I hope to remember this special time forever!
*She loves to snuggle when she is sleepy, but when she is awake, she wants to lay on the floor so she can kick and wiggle.
*And, when she is sleepy, she wants to snuggle with her blanket! Any soft blanket will do, but it needs to be up near her cheeks.
*She still likes to be swaddled, and I am happy to do it because it reminds me she is still little!
*She still fits in her 0-3 months clothes, but is getting close to the 3-6 month size.

I love these smiles!

She just loves her big brother!

Look at these thighs!

And....she rolls....

Her monthly picture by her bear.

If anyone can tell me how to slow time down, I would really appreciate it! I have decided that every stage is my favorite stage!