Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby likes snow

Early in January we had our first and, so far, only decent snow fall. I absolutely love a big snow fall, and even though we only got about 5 inches, we had fun! It was Leah's first real experience with snow and it was a fun one!

I suppose it started off relatively innocent. I wanted to measure the snow, so I opened the back door. That's when her curiosity began. She didn't know the routine that needs to take place first, putting on a snow suit, gloves, hat, boots, all that is needed to keep warm in the snow. It was, after all, her first snow fall.

First she was just looking. Then, she needed to touch.

Before I knew it, curiosity got the best and she was venturing out! I did what any good mom would do and I jumped in front of her for the good shot!

I think she really liked it....
Until she realized that her little fingers were getting cold....

But boy was she mad when I made her come in! And, don't worry Grandma, she was out of her cold wet clothes in under a minute and wrapped in a warm blanket! I really enjoyed that snuggle time.
So later that day after her {warm} nap, we decided to venture back out. Only this time, in her snow suit! This time she was much happier!

She was so funny! She thought is was so fun to do a face-plant in the snow and come up covered in snow! I don't know what she liked more, the feeling of the cold snow on her face, or all of us laughing so hard at her after she did it!

Mmmmmm! I could just eat her up!!

(Notice, no top front teeth yet. Santa must not have gotten her note about wanting them for Christmas!)

I am just so in love with this little face!

She even enjoyed making a snow angel!

Now that Leah has had her first experience, I think we are ready for a bigger snowfall. Maybe a blizzard! And maybe next time, we will venture off the back deck.