Saturday, April 3, 2010

Who would have thought?

When I was pregnant with Leah I had a whole lot of ultrasounds. Towards the end of her pregnancy every time I had one, the tech would comment at how much hair this baby had. I was not surprised at all, since my other 3 kids came out with a whole head of hair. In some ways, though, I was a bit sad. I had always wanted a bald baby! But much to my surprise, when Leah was born, she had very little hair! Most of that hair fell out....and I had my bald baby! I have loved every minute with that bald head, but now that her hair is starting to grow in, I can't wait to start fixing it in little pig tails and put bows in it. About a month ago (yikes....that's how far behind on blogging I am!), Emily decided to get a head start...ha ha, no pun intended! She thought she would see if Leah's hair would fit in pig tails. Who would have thought that it would work!? Here's what we got....

How cute it that?! Amazingly enough, Leah sat perfectly still while Emily tortured her, uh, I mean did it. I can't wait for it to get a bit longer so we can put real pig tails in....although I think it will be a while. Now, a month later, it's getting even longer and lighter. I just love it!