Friday, May 14, 2010


Do you ever have a moment where you notice your current reality and it hits you how bad (or good, depending on your situation) things were before?  Well, I have had a few of those times this week.  The first time was on Tuesday.  I had to take Leah back in to Children's to get some blood work done.  We went back into the room, sat in the chair with Leah on my lap, and the tech proceeded to put on the tight blue tourniquet around her little arm and insert a needle into a vein.  This was a familiar sight to me, since this was the same arm (almost the exact same place) as the IV that was set up only 2 weeks earlier when Leah was hospitalized.  I expected her to take this well, since I have been pricking her toe at least 3 times a day to test her blood and she holds up her foot for me when she sees it coming.  She doesn't even cry!  Well, the reaction from Leah with this IV was NOT the same as 2 weeks ago.  The girl screamed!  She arched her back, she fought me and the tech, she tried to pull it out.  She continued to cry for a good 5 minutes after he was done!  For me, this was an eye-opener to how sick she really was just 2 short weeks ago.  When Leah had her IV set up in the ER, she didn't even need to be restrained.  She just laid there on the table, at one point she opened her eyes and let out a small grunt before she realized it wasn't worth the energy and she went back to sleep.  I was thrilled to see her fighting this time, but it re-inforced the fear of how bad she had been.

Another eye-opener for me came on Wednesday afternoon when Leah really started to turn a corner for the good!  She started playing, smiling, "talking" and at one point I even had to pull her hands out of the toilet water!  It was pure joy for me!  I actually called Brian at work and said "Listen to this!" and held the phone out for him to hear Leah being her sweet little self....and shed a few tears over it.  Again, I was thrilled to see her behaving like this, but it was quite an eye-opener to how poorly she had been feeling.

Each day, Leah has been more and more like the sweet little baby girl I know.  She even has some new tricks!  She can point to her nose, her hair, her eyes, and if you ask her where her lips are, she takes her fingers and blows raspberries with them!  She is walking without stumbling and playing and getting into everything like I expect a "normal" 14 month old to do.

But, "normal" still doesn't seem to fit in our vocabulary when describing Leah.  The blood work from Tuesday came back normal.  We are thrilled, but as the pediatrician said, the more we test and get normal results, the more "obscure" the answer is going to be.  She, and every other doctor who has looked at Leah's case, has said that there is an underlying condition.  Hypoglycemia just does not occur in babies for no reason.  So for a reason, we wait.  There are still a couple of tests out there that we are waiting on the results for , and in 2 weeks we will go see an endocrinologist to see if she can shed some light on this.  In the meantime, we watch Leah closely and we have a plan if she gets sick again.  So for now, we wait.  And we live.

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Tiffany said...

Oh, Leah is so precious. Will continue to pray. I can't even imagine the roller coaster you all have been on the last several weeks.