Monday, May 10, 2010

Leah's Update

Well, after Leah vomited yet again on Saturday night, I spent my Mother's Day in worry for my sweet baby.

I took Leah to the doctor today, and I told the pediatrician that I wasn't going to leave her office until we had a plan of action to figure out what was going on.  I'm sure she loved that!  I do love our doctor, she is wonderful!  I explained all of Leah's symptoms, the low blood sugar and the unexplained random vomiting accompanied with tiredness and lethargy and a bit of clumsiness (except I used a few more words than that!).  Dr. M definitely agreed that there is indeed a problem with Leah, but isn't quite sure what it is.  One of the scariest moments of my life was when she said we should go down to Children's to get a head CT to rule out a brain tumor (something that I had already suspected in my uneducated assessment but would not admit out loud).  She said it was a "reasonable enough possibility that we couldn't not take a look".  So I made the treck down to Children's, waited an hour for the scan, stood there right next to my precious baby while she watched the light show and I furiously prayed, and drove home through rush hour traffic to await the phone call.  All of the sudden, the worries of yesterday were no longer important and my heart and my mind were consumed with my little 21 pound girl.  It was consumed with the "what if's", but it was also consumed with the love of Jesus.  The Lord's arms were gently around me all the way, giving me a peace that only He can give.  After all, He loves little Leah more than I do.  A hard thing to fathom!

The call finally came at 7:34 pm from Dr. M with the good news that the scan was perfectly and beautifully normal!  Praise God!

However, this still leaves us at square one.  Why is Leah's blood sugar all over the place, especially low, and why is she vomiting at random times for the last 2+ weeks?  Why is she lethargic and "just not herself"?  Will we have another episode of her not waking that will send us right back to the ER?  Dr. M told me she is perplexed.  So, we are back to looking for a metabolic disorder of some sort.  Tonight, she will research and tomorrow she will call me to take Leah back to Children's so they can draw some blood for an array of tests.  I am looking forward to an answer.

God is so good, and I know His plan is a good one!

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