Friday, May 28, 2010

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Well we finally saw the endocrinologist on Wednesday for Leah's "underlying condition".  For me, it was such a relief to finally be able to talk to a specialist about our sweet girl.  It took 2 weeks for us to be able to get in to see Dr. "S" and leading up to this time was hard on me.  Although Leah felt good and acted pretty much normal, I was losing sleep.  I mean, really, I am not a totally stressed out, over protective mother, but every night I would lay down to sleep only be able to think about going to see this specialist.  This was an appointment that just couldn't get here quick enough.

Dr. S was very good!  She talked very quickly and spoke with a lot of medical words, so it was really hard for me to follow her.  But, the gist of it is that she does believe that there is an underlying condition, and she thinks she knows what it is.  She believes it's a metabolic disorder and although I don't really fully understand the ramifications if she does have this, it seems to me to be something that we would just need to be aware of.  I don't think there is any medication she would take, but we would need to know that Leah can not skip a meal, and if she gets sick, we need to be extra vigilant about giving her lots of food and sugar so she does not end up close to unresponsive again.  I can handle that!  I just need to know what I am facing, and we can handle it.  The hard part about this, is that to actually test for this metabolic disorder, we would need a "critical sample" of her blood, a sample when she is critically ill again.  So, the question becomes, do we wait for it to happen again and see if we can get that sample upon arrival to the hospital, or do we "force" it to happen by admitting Leah to the hospital, put her in a controlled situation where we would fast her for 24 hours to make her sugar go low again and then draw the blood.  On Wednesday, Dr. S ordered some more blood tests and urine sample.  Those results won't be in for a couple weeks (they don't move too fast, do they?!) and once we have those results, we will decide which road to take for this critical sample.  So we continue to wait, but we are on a road.  And, we are learning to trust in the Lord and rely on His peace during this time.  I am amazed at the things that I am able to learn about my Sovereign Lord while in times like this.  I will post about that another time!

But in between doctor visits and worrying about Miss Leah, we have been quite busy!  The end of every school year is so busy and this year has proven to be just as busy!  I will post some of what we've been up to with some pictures this weekend!

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