Monday, August 9, 2010

If you don't give a baby a cookie...

...or anything else, she will get very fussy.  I wanted to update about Leah's 24 hour fast sooner, but I just didn't get a chance yet.  We survived!  It was quite an experience that I pray we never have to relive, but Leah did great and was such a trooper.  I was just so proud of her!

The sweet girl had no idea what was about to happen to her.

Where are we going Mommy?

We arrived at the hospital about 8:15 on Monday evening.  It was hard getting out of the house.  Apparently, the 3 big kids did NOT want us to leave!  We got checked in and were walked to our room. The nurse (a couple actaully) and a doctor did a full review of Leah's history with us while she explored the room.  Her favorite thing to do was to crawl under the crib!  She was quite curious!  Finally, around 11:00 a nurse came in to give a very tired Leah an IV in her arm.  That was not what was on Leah's agenda!  She cried very hard for it, but when they were done she was allowed to go to sleep, finally.  I laid her in the crib and she went right to sleep.

You would think that by baby number 4 I wouldn't be so in awe of a sleeping baby, but I am.  I just stood there and stared at my sweet baby.  

I had so many thoughts running through my head as I stood there and watched her sleep.  The first and biggest thought was of how much love I have for this sweet girl.  I mean, really, could I love our 4th baby as much as I have loved the other 3?  I am astonished at how much joy she has added to our family.  And of course, my thoughts were consumed with the last few months with our sweet Leah.  Her health has certainly been on the forefront of our minds and at times heavy on our hearts.  Answers could not come fast enough for us, but in the process of this, we are learning patience and how to wait on the Lord.

It was a long night of being awakened every couple hours for blood sugar pricks.  But in between, we did sleep a little bit.  Unfortunately, we were up by 6:45 AM for good.  Leah was so good.  She barely complained at all about not eating, however, my Mommy heart broke into a million pieces every time she would sign eat and please.  It went against every fiber of my being to not feed my child, especially as I watched her sugar slip and she became very symptomatic.

We did play some...

And she walked the hallways a LOT, waving cutely at every nurse she walked by.  It sure does a moms heart good to hear how cute your baby is about 175 times in one day!  Oh I love that girl!  By 2:00 her sugar was down to 50 and she was very sleepy and shaky.  She fell asleep and I thought for sure when they checked her the next time that she would be below 45, which is where she needed to be for the test to be accurate.  So we kept checking while she slept.

Unfortunately, her sugar never dropped below 50.  She stalled out there, even went up a tad bit, for 4 long hours.  The doctor said that sugar is very unpredictable.  Um, yeah!  He did say that it was good that it didn't drop dangerously low again, but that it was bad because we may not get accurate results.  Talk about frustration!  The whole reason I decided to go through with this test was so that we could finally get some answers, and now they are saying maybe not.  They did go ahead and draw the blood (the 10 viles of it!!!), and I am praying for something.  Again, we wait.  

And finally, Leah was allowed to eat!!!  A full 24 hours after she had eaten the night before.  And she was so happy about it.

And they pumped her veins with sugar...

And finally, we were able to go home!  I think Leah was just as ready as I was!

We were welcomed home by Allie, Emily, Sam and Daddy (and Aunt Kelly!) at 9:30 pm.  I wish I could say that the craziness was over, but when we got home, I checked Leah's sugar levels and she was actually really high.  I put her to bed, assuming that it was because of the glucose they put in her IV, but the next morning she was even higher.  When all of this first started back in April, we were told that it wasn't diabetes, that it was probably some form of hypoglycemia to then maybe thinking it was a metabolic disorder, with the possibility of a brain tumor thrown in there, now back to the possibility of it being diabetes in the early stages.  My head is spinning!  We will see the pediatric endocrinologist in two weeks to talk about all of this and hopefully get some answers.

But for now, we continue to wait and monitor her sugar.  This sweet little fourth baby of ours sure is taking us for a roller coaster ride that we didn't expect.  However the Lord continues to teach us amazing things about Himself and we have been so blessed by so many things and so many people through this process.  God is so good and we continue to place our sweet baby, and her blood sugar, in His hands.  He created her and He knows exactly what is going on in her body, even when we don't understand.  He's just cool like that.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A road less traveled

Or one that has never been traveled in our home.  Tonight I will take Leah to Children's at 8:00 to begin her 24 hour fasting challenge.  I am counting down the hours, not out of excitement, and not really even out of fear, but just simply because I can't wait to get on with this.  I am tired of thinking about this test and wondering how she will respond to it and how it will be on me to watch her go through this.  But tonight I can just live it and see it unfold instead of playing out the countless scenarios in my head.  The goal is to fast her for up to 24 hours.  Then, when her sugar drops, they will get this "critical sample" of blood to see what has been causing her sugar to be all over the place.  A problem we didn't even know existed until April 28th.  They want to get this all figured out before flu season hits and she gets sick again, since getting sick could cause her sugar to drop dangerously low again.  So, as much as I don't want to put her through this test, I will do it in hopes that we don't have to ever see her so lethargic and unresponsive again.  And to get an answer.  We have now had 2 pediatricians and 2 pediatric specialists agree that this is the right road to take and I am at peace with the decision...just can't wait for it to be over!

"Rejoice in the Lord always; again, I will say refoice!  Let your gentle spirit be known to all men.  The Lord is near.  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will gusrd you hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."   Phil 4:4-7